eMPIA Technology

USB 2.0 EM3718x for USB scanner/document camera application.​

●  USB video class driver compatible.
●  4 lane MIPI CSI interface input support up to 13M pixel CMOS sensor.
●  Dual mode USB and BT1120 output , support HDMI, SDI or AHD interface for monitor display.

USB 2.0 EM3718xU for USB gaming camera application ​

●  USB video class driver compatible
●  Digital Microphone interface with USB audio class driver support.
●  Preview resolution up to 1080P 60fps and snapshot up to 13M pixel.

USB 2.0 EM3780 USB industrial camera application

●  Support UVC standard
●  Support global shutter CMOS sensor with highest frame rate up to 100fps with 1.3M pixels
●  Customized intelligent 3A(AE/AWB/AF) adjustment suitable for automotive or face recognition application.